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Volume 86 (2014)

Earlier prehistory activity and a leter Iron Age and Roman field system at Beacon Lagoons, Kilnsea, East Rising of Yorkshire by Jane Richardson and Phil Weston

A Late Iron Age and Roman-British Site at Gale Common, North Yorkshire by M.J. Randerson

Excavation of severnteenth-century structure in Upper Ribblesdale by David Johnson

Viking-Age lead weights from Cottam by Dave Haldenby and Jane Kershaw

Caville Manor and the Enterprise of the Twelvth-Century Bishops of Durham by David Crouch

The Pudsay Family of Bolton-by-Bowland and their monuments by Sally Badham and Geoff Blacker

The Religion of the Yorkshire Gentry, 1509-31: the Evidence of Wills by Nicholas J. Verrill

The Fall of the House of Paslew by Peter Holmes

Theophilus Shenton (1645-1717), a Yorkshire estate steward, attorney and gentleman architect by Brian Barber

The Shambles in Settle Marketplace, its date and builder by R.W. Hoyle