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Volume 54 (1982)


Excavation Of the Street House Farm Long Cairn, Boulby, Cleveland by R.C. Barcham

Excavation At The Cursus At Scorton, North Yorkshire, 1978 by P. Topping

Two Bronze Age Collared Urns From The Hambleton Hills, North Yorkshire by R.A. Varley

The Cleave Dyke System by D.A. Spratt

The Malton Burnt Grain: A Cautionary Tale by P.C. Buckland

Irregular Villages In Holderness, Yorkshire: Some Thoughts On Their Origin by M. Harvey

The Development Of Medieval Ripon by W. Mackay

New Hall, Darfield by J. Birch & P.F. Ryder

Henry Johnston And The Missing Lady Of Gawthorpe Hall by P.E. Sheppard Routh

Hedgerows In West Yorkshire - The Hooper Method Examined by J. Hall

Some Evidence Of Surviving Open Fields In The Seventeenth-Century Pennine Dales And The Gradual Elimination Of Communal Agriculture by R. Fieldhouse

Yorkshire And The Agricultural Depression, 1730-1750 by J.V. Beckett

An Eighteenth-Century Census: Wetherby 1776 by R. Unwin

Some Notes On The Size Of Fields After Enclosure by W.H. Long

Professor John Ie Patourel, F.B. A 1909-1981 [obituary]

Archaeology, History And Planning: A Review Article by P. Rahtz

Yorkshire Archaeological Register: 1981