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Volume 53 (1981)


An Early Communication On A Rusticated Beaker From Flamborough And A Description Of Two Tumuli In Thixendale by C.S. Briggs

A Beaker Battle-Axe From Thurstonland, Near Huddersfield, and Its Date by J.A. Gilks

Metalworking At The Stanwick Oppidum: Some New Evidence by M.G. Spratling

Pre-Conquest Sculpture At Stonegrave by M. Firby & J. Lang

The Foundation Of Nostell Priory by T.N. Burrows

William De Malton, Master Mason by M.R. Petch

The Dating Of Doors In The Zouche Chapel, York Minster by J.M. Fletch & R.A. Morgan

French Immigrants And The Iron Industry In Sheffield by B.J. Awty

New Maps And Surveys By Christopher Saxton by H. Lawrence & R. Hoyle

Agrarian Society And Wealth In Mid-Wharfedale, 1664-1743 by M.F. Pickles

Foreign-Language Books In Some Yorkshire Subscription Libraries, 1785-1805 by P.S. Morrish

Springwood Colliery Huddersfield: A Portrait Of A Yorkshire Estate Coal Mine, 1862-1877 by W.P. Hartley

Hammond Robertson Of Liversedge - Bully Or Gentleman? by J.T.M. Nussey

German Jews In Nineteenth-Century Bradford by C.C. Aronsfeld

A Roman Coin Hoard From York by M. Sekulla

Trial Excavations At Newton Kyme Fort In 1908 And 1909 by F. Gerald Simpson

An Iron Signet-Ring From The Fort At Newton Kyme, Yorkshire by M. Henig

An Anglo-Scandinavian Cross-Shaft From Haxby, North Yorkshire by R.A. Hall

A Lost Military Effigy From Leake, Yorkshire by S. Badham

A Military Effigy At Welton, North Humberside by B & M Gittos

A Fifteenth-Century Alabaster Panel At Burnsall by P.E. Sheppard Routh

Yorkshire Archaeological Register: 1980