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Volume 44 (1972)


Rudston Barrow LXII: The 1968 Excavation by A.L. Pacitto

Excavation Of Iron Age Hut Circles At Percy Rigg, Kildale by R.S. Close

Industrial Evidence From The Villa At Langton, East Yorkshire by I.H. Goodaix

Excavations In The Defences Of The City Of York: An Early Medieval Stone Tower And The Successive Earth Ramparts by J. Radley

Excavations In Low Petergate, York, 1957-58 by P. Wenham

An Excavation At Weaverthorpe Manor, East Riding, 1960 by T.C.M. Brewster

Medieval Assessments And Agricultural Prosperity In Northeast Yorkshire, 1292-1342 by B. Waites

John Bunny's House, Wakefield by K.S. Bartlett

The Abbot of Selby's Financial statement for year ending Michaelmas, 1338 by G.S. Haslop

The Archives Of Selby Abbey by K.G.T. Mcdonnell

Earlsheaton Hall: A Sixteenth-Century Timber-Framed Building Near Dewsbury by S. Wrathmell

The Chantries Of The East Riding Of Yorkshire At The Dissolution In 1548 by C.J. Kitching

The Development Of Underdraining On A Yorkshire Estate During The Nineteenth Century by A.D.M. Phillips

Parliamentary Representation In The Borough Of Richmond by R.T. Fieldhouse

Yorkshire Archaeological Register: 1971